Trump Says Mail-in Ballots Could Lead to Election ‘Do-Over,’ Sends People Into a Tizzy

The mail-in ballot thing is driving people crazy. Or rather, President Trump is using it to drive people crazy.

Trump said that a massive shift to mail-in voting in the November presidential election could cause so many problems that we might have to re-do the election. He cited the potential for widespread fraud, which is something that hasn’t been documented in states that regularly use mail-in ballots.

Is he using it to bring attention to a potential problem or to torment his opponents? Maybe both. It’s certainly getting people’s attention.

Reuters wrote:

Trump has said repeatedly and without evidence that a shift to universal mail-in voting – something most states have not proposed doing – will lead to fraud in the Nov. 3 election, when he faces Democratic challenger Joe Biden who currently holds a substantial lead in public opinion polls.

Trump does not have the authority to reschedule an election. A national election “re-do” has never occurred in the more than 200 years the U.S. has held elections, including during the Civil War, the Great Depression and two world wars.

It’s hard to square the President’s statements with the fact he votes by mail… unless it’s more of a PR campaign to send his opponents into hysterics than a genuine concern. Still, on the face of it, mailing ballots would appear to open the door for more fraud than in-person voting, and there is that matter of the post office, which hasn’t been terribly efficient for a long time, handling an additional 30 million piece of mail.

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Comments (2)

  1. Richard Elliott

    Without evidence? Almost every day there is a news story about finding bags of ballots or finding them in the wrong state. There is no reason for people not to go the poll, show their ID and vote in person. Dr. Fauci says the same thing. People stand in lines all the time. Social distance and wear your mask but the only reason to vote by mail is if you want to cheat. The democrats are always looking for that edge to cheat so that they can win no matter the cost. Absentee ballots are fine but widespread mail-in ballots, no!

  2. Glenn Jacobs

    The bare fact that Nancy Pelosi is beating the drums for mail-in voting should be proof enough to any reasonable person that she plans to commit vote-fraud.

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