Trump Crashes Wedding, Crowd Chants U-S-A!

He wasn’t on the guest list, but he certainly was the most popular guy at the reception!

Over the weekend President Trump stayed at his Bedminster, New Jersey golf resort.  While there, he met a couple holding their wedding at the resort, and later stopped by unannounced to their party.

The crowd went crazy, holding up cell phones to capture the moment and chanting “U-S-A!, U-S-A!”



  1. Evelyn, people like you can’t see the forest for the trees. Trump is the best President since Ronald Reagan. If you didn’t listen to all the fake news you might be able to get your head out of your ass.
    If the President walked into my wedding I would have been honored.

  2. Evelyn, actually you are the loser for criticizing an event without any basis.
    The fact that the President of the USA accidentally enters into a wedding celebration party is something special even if the attending guests do not sympathized with his personality.
    Rafael H Merino

  3. Evelyn, when was the last time The President of The Free World showed up at your event? You’re the real LOSER!!!! You Libs will never find any goodness in our President. Just Get Over It!!! And get used to another 4 years…..

  4. The last thing anyone should call President Trump is a ‘loser’. Never has been, never will be. First president in a long while who is actually keeping and trying to keep campaign promises. More jobs than ever before, something that idiot Obama said couldn’t possibly happen. Well, no, as long as he was in office! Fewer people on food stamps than in decades. If that’s being a loser by Evelyn’s definition of the word, then may we have more of them!!!!

  5. I can’t think of anything that would be so exciting and remembers than that. I would have loved being a guest at the wedding.

  6. Evelyn, I can just see you now…its coming to me……and are one of the DEMs (dumb evil and mean). The fact that we are safer than we have been in 50 years and our economy is absolutely booming means nothing to people like you. You are fixated with bringing our ingenious democracy down and destroying it. I am staying in Pres Trumps resort in Vegas this fall and looking forward to it, like him….. it will be first class.

    Vietnam Era Army Officer
    Pen name: Howard X.T.Hughes

  7. What a great day for the couple! To have a great President, Donald Trump stop by at your wedding reception. What a great honor!!!

  8. When Obama was president he wasn,t my pick. I voted for McCain. I hoped he would do well for our country. I would never disrespect the country by disrespecting the office of the President . How do you think we look to other countries? And it turned out that Obama was anti American. He did nothing for us, but you still show respect. You stand for the Anthem and kneel for God, if you believe in one. Trump has been abused every day, but still works to help us. I,m sure he,s twice the man many of you are. God be with you all.

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