Trump and Bloomberg: You’re a Racist! No, You’re a Racist!

In a spat that will convince no one of anything, President Trump and Democratic presidential nomination candidate Michael Bloomberg traded what amounts to a political schoolyard barb, shouting down each other as racists.

Trump took the first shot when he posted an audio clip of Bloomberg defending his stop and frisk campaign in 2015.

In a now-deleted tweet, Trump wrote:.


Trump failed to mention that he also backed the stop and frisk program.

Bloomberg has since apologized to the black community for the program, stating he didn’t understand how it affected that community at the time.

In a statement, Bloomberg said he was committed to criminal justice reform and racial equality, then added:

“In contrast, President Trump inherited a country marching toward greater equality and divided us with racist appeals and hateful rhetoric.”

Bloomberg might have temporarily forgotten that President Trump championed, and was able to get passed, major prison reform, which allowed the release of thousands of non-violent prisoners, most of whom were black.

There’s little, if anything, to indicate either man is a racist, but it’s a political campaign, so we’ll hear it all.  If Bloomberg becomes a serious contender, the two billionaire New Yorkers will spend hundreds of millions of dollars calling each other names.

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