Trump and Biden ‘Pooping’ Statues Are All the Rage in Spanish Region

You’re forgiven if you’ve never heard of ‘caganers,’ which translates as ‘poopers,’ which are small clay figurines of people sitting on toilets or simply squatting, that are sold around Christmas in the Catalonia region of Spain.

As odd as it might sound, the figurines are hidden in Nativity scenes and commonly feature Santa Claus in a compromising position. Family and friends then try to find the caganers, although it’s probably hard for them to blend in.

The new entries for 2020 are stealing the show. They represent Trump and Biden wearing masks and relieving themselves.

Caganer artisan Marc Alos, 49, of Toroella de Montgri, said

“In these four years Trump has been an excellent caganer, I mean excellent in terms of sales.”

Relying on strong sales of Trump on the can in 2016 Alos predicted a Trump victory at the time even though Clinton was ahead in the polls.

Those wondering what we can clean from small clay figures on toilets this election season, Alos says that it’s early, but Biden has the edge.

Alos said:

“We are at the very beginning and Joe Biden is working a little better for us, but I don’t know how this will evolve.”

This poll couldn’t be any worse than others.

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