Trump Administration Takes Another Shot at China; Declares Hong Kong No Longer Autonomous

It sounds wonky, but it’s going to hurt.

While they thought no one was paying attention, the Chinese have been clamping down on Hong Kong, as well as bullying other countries in the South China Sea. Now the Trump administration is pushing back.

As part of the 1992 Hong Kong Policy Act, the State Department must certify every year that Hong Kong controls its own destiny. With China pulling the strings to get new security measures passed that will essentially end demonstrations and the pro-democracy movement,  Secretary of State Pompeo claims that Hong Kong now fails that test. Instead, China is modeling Hong Kong after itself.

Pompeo said:

“This decision gives me no pleasure. But sound policy-making requires a recognition of reality.”

The Hong Kong Policy Act allowed the U.S. to export technology and other items to Hong Kong that it wouldn’t share with other parts of China. Now that Hong Kong is considered under Chinese control, such trade will end.

This is one more move that will cut off trade with China, ratcheting up the trade war that never went away, but was put on ice due to the coronavirus. As nations open back up, the trade issue will move back onto the world stage.

President Trump appears to be continuing his policy of putting more pressure on the Chinese wherever he can.

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Comments (1)

  1. James T Hebert

    I want President Trump more than anyone in 2020 and finish what he started “Make America Great Again “. Biden wears a mask and makes him like he’s human even thought he’s not even close to President Trump’s Image. Trump won because he call his shots straight and did what he said he was going to do! A lot of people need to know that more truth and Covid-19 will not go away like the wind. Biden is flourishing because he wears a mask and doesn’t act like Covid 19 is fake.
    A True Man or leader will lead by example by wearing a Mask is not being weak not by acting like there is nothing to fear. Where or what happened to the real President Trump? Stand strong, shoot straight and tear up Biden by being REAL!
    Finish up being #45 and finish being the Best American President in History!
    God Bless President Trump!

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