House Republican on Unemployment Bonus Checks: ‘No More!’

While he struck a much nicer tone as he said it, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was pretty clear on the subject of the weekly $600 bonus checks the federal government currently sends to the unemployed. They should go away as planned on July 31.

McCarthy said:

“I don’t think it’s productive to extend the added money from the federal government. We’re finding numerous people… that it’s becoming a hardship for individuals to go back to work.”

A hardship to go back to work?  That’s a kind way of saying that as long as we’re paying people more to stay home than show up to a job, they will be motivated to find ways to stay at home.

McCarthy continued:

“We want incentives. We want all Americans to work. So our focus is to rebuild, to renew and restore America.”

Research shows that 68% of those who currently qualify for unemployment make more by staying at home, with the median earning 38% more by not having a job. That’s a heck of a raise to give up just to go back to the daily grind. Still, McCarthy didn’t outline how he would motivate people to work for less, or what to do about the millions who don’t have a job to go back to.

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