Democrats to Trump on Guns: Universal Background Checks or Nothing

After several mass shootings, gun control is back at the top of the legislative calendar. Trump has been discussing potential legislation with lawmakers in both parties. He said on Wednesday that progress was being made on gun legislation, adding that many areas were under discussion, including background checks.

Now Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi have issued an ultimatum.  After speaking to President Trump by phone, they claim to have told him that any gun control legislation that falls short of universal background checks for gun sales “will not get the job done.”

In a joint statement, Pelosi and Schumer said:

“This morning, we made it clear to the President that any proposal he endorses that does not include the House-passed universal background checks legislation will not get the job done, as dangerous loopholes will still exist and people who shouldn’t have guns will still have access.”

The two leaders said they promised to join Trump “for a historic signing ceremony at the Rose Garden” if the president would endorse the legislation and lean on McConnell to pass it “to save as many lives as possible.”

Neither the White House nor Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had a comment.

The White House has yet to outline any specific proposals, but officials said any eventual gun measure  might include expediting the death penalty for mass shooters.

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