Tired of Zoom Meetings? New App Gives You Excuses to Leave

This is exactly what we need, an app that lets you get out of another app, which was a substitute for useless meetings that we never wanted to attend in the first place.

Meet Zoom Escaper: a free web widget that lets you add an array of fake audio effects to your next Zoom Call, providing you with numerous reasons to end the meeting and escape.

You can choose from barking dogs, construction noises, crying babies, or even subtler effects like choppy audio and unwanted echoes. Created by artist Sam Lavigne, Zoom Escaper is easy to use. Just download a free bit of audio software called VB-Audio that routes your audio through the website, then change your audio input in Zoom from your microphone to VB-Audio, and play with the effects.

You can watch a video tutorial on how to set up Zoom Escaper and listen to a sample of the various sound effects here.

How long until kids find this and use it to bail on virtual school?

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