The Hummer Is Back… And It’s Electric

Who can forget the huge Hummer vehicles based on the military’s upgrade to the iconic Jeep?  The new and improved army vehicle was wider, taller, beefier, and had huge tires.  When finally released to the public, the Hummer was a status symbol for anyone willing to shell out big bucks just so they could take up two parking spaces a mile from the front door of stores and malls.

Then came 9/11 and the sudden question of why we were willing to keep buying oil from the Middle East, funneling money to people who hate us.  For a while, Hummers and other gas guzzlers fell out of favor.  GM bought the brand, and eventually discontinued the name badge in 2010.

Now GM says they’re bringing it back, but not as a gas-guzzling machine, instead as an eco-friendly electric vehicle.

You won’t be able to get your hands on one until 2022, but you’ll get a look at it long before then.  General Motors has signed up NBA star LeBron James to promote the vehicle, and has purchased an ad during the Super Bowl to roll it out.

If you always wanted a Hummer but hated the idea of using so much fuel, well, here’s your chance.

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