The Coronavirus Second Wave, Toilet Paper Shortage (AGAIN!), and Should You Sell Your House Now?

It’s time to GET INFORMED, AMERICA! The weekly show where our host Dave Okenquist sits down with the editor of Informed American, to break down the biggest headlines of the week.

This week they’re discussing the second wave of COVID-19 in the US, and how it’s affecting the Thanksgiving holiday. They’re also discussing the return of hoarding toilet paper, and is this the right time for you to sell your home?

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Comments (5)

  1. bob

    We WILL be doing Thanksgiving this year just as we have in the past . We are responsible and will make our own decisions , we WILL NOT allow the Government to babysit us and we WILL NOT allow the Government to DICTATE the holidays to us . If these RADICAL , SOCIALIST , LIBERALS try to keep pushing thier CONTROL onto the people , that will be the easiest way to create a civil war within our country ,,, the people WILL fight back and it’s about time !!!!!

  2. John Stephen Chrzanowski

    Get rid of sleepy Joe Biden before he can do any damage
    to our Great Country and it’s citizens!!

    • Owen mctommy

      the government is not baby sitting anybody but this virus must be contain so that it will not spread like the wild fire harmattan wind in Africa, for this day can be compel to the days of Noah where men were asked to come to the Ark and they refuse and also died,please endure, stay save, there are still many holidays coming next year, there is no need for civil war,

  3. Chris

    As long as Trump the dictator continues his idiotic idea that he lost the election because it was stolen from him, we’ll never be able to move forward into healing this country. He has successfully brained washed millions of Americans into believing he could save us. No man but god can save us and he’s no god. I believe in our country and not one man. The Democrats are no more Socialist than Republicans believe in a rogue government. If people are stupid to think a Civil war is a way to fix this county we’re more f-up than I thought. Let see what President-Elect Biden can do before we start to condemn him. I thought Trump was going to do something and he did nothing for 4 years. Thanks to Trump millions of people out of work due to a virus he did nothing to stop. He did get enough golf time in. His golf swing improved a lot. He put everyone in his family into a political position and he pardons every Trump lier he could find. Who’s next Gary Madoff? Get rid of Trump before he trashes the white house like an evicted tenant.

  4. Chris

    I see you only print pro-trumpster garbage…

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