Texas Supreme Court Smacks Down Harris County; Doesn’t Allow Mass Mail-In Ballot Applications

Texas has strict rules about who can vote by mail. Voters must be 65-years-old or older, disabled, out of town when polls are open, or incarcerated. That’s it. To receive a mail-in ballot, Texans must apply.

In an effort to increase voter turnout by increasing the number of mail-in ballots, Harris County election officials decided to send unsolicited mail-in ballot applications to voters in the county. Harris County includes Houston and is the third-largest county in the country.  It’s also majority-Democrat.

There’s only one problem. State law doesn’t allow for such an effort, so state officials, who are majority Republican, sued the county election officials. The Texas Supreme Court, also majority-Republican, just ruled against the county election officials.

This is just one of many fights happening in Texas over voting.

As for the voters in Harris County, officials expect nearly 200,000 mail-in votes this year, about twice what they get during a normal presidential election.

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Comments (3)

  1. LDS

    If the law dictates what must be done. why would we change it ? The is President is obligated to follow the law. Do what must be done and let the Dems live with it.

  2. smith

    who in there right FN mind would vote for a DEMOCRAT HUHUHUH

  3. Ken Wendland

    Stay Strong Texas Supreme Court. Law and Order. No voter fraud. Only ID voters.

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