Texas Tech Med School Stops Using Race in Admissions

After a 14-year investigation into its admission practices by the U.S. Department of Education, the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center agreed to stop using race in its admissions decisions.

From the Wall Street Journal:

The agreement is the first time the Trump administration has asked a school to curtail its affirmative-action practices. It signals the direction the administration will take future investigations of schools’ use of race in admissions, say people familiar with the administration’s plans.

The Supreme Court has ruled more than once that schools can use race as a factor in admissions, but it cannot be the only factor.

The court is currently considering Harvard’s admission policies which appear to be aimed at limiting the number of Asians admitted in favor of other races.

The Trump administration reversed guidelines published under the Obama administration on how universities could use race as one of the factors for admission.

Between the courts and federal guidelines, universities are left to walk a tightrope between trying to match their student body to the population at large and yet not favor one group over another.


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Comments (1)

  1. Ted Quirk

    You do need to favor one group over another. You favor the brightest students over the dumbest ones. A university education is not a given right.

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