Tesla Falls to Second-to-Last in Reliability; Cool Cars that Sort of Suck

There’s no question that Tesla pushed the envelopes of style and technology when it first launched the Model S, and even with the Model X. The Y and 3, well, not so much.  But still, as the leading electric vehicle maker, the company isn’t at a loss for clients.

Just how happy those clients are after their purchase is up for debate.  According to Consumer Reports, everything is NOT fine in Teslaville.

In its latest reliability ranking, which measures service issues of vehicles by brand as they age, Tesla actually dropped to number 25, which is one step from the bottom of the barrel. The last spot on the list belongs to Ford’s Lincoln brand.

At the other end of the scale, Toyota fell out of first, giving up that slot to Mazda, but it also holds number 3 with its Lexus brand. Mercedes shows up at number 20.

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Comments (1)

  1. Carol Allen

    Tesal car are amzing, everything is not perfect.

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