Tesla Admits Design Flaw of Model 3 Bumpers Ripping Off in Rain

What do you do when the bumper of your brand new, $45,000 car comes off in a rainstorm? Tesla Model 3 owners complained to the company but got little satisfaction… until now.

The company just reversed course and said that all Model 3s built in the Fremont, California plant before May 2019 will be covered by a warranty against defects if the rear bumper rips off when drivers take their vehicles through standing water.

As we’ve previously covered, many Model 3 owners reported and even shared a video of, their bumpers coming off when they drove through normal standing water that accumulates on roadways during rainstorms.  Mechanics have commented that they find abnormally high build-ups of road sand and grit in the bumpers, which showed that they act as collectors of road debris and eventually fail under the increased weight.

At least Model 3 owners can now get repairs free of charge. Until then, they should avoid driving their $45,000 cars when it rains.

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