Don’t Want COVID-19? Move To Arizona… Heat and Low Humidity Help

If you sit inside an air-conditioned or heated room all day, then it won’t really matter. But the outside temperature and humidity apparently have a lot to do with how long the coronavirus can live on surfaces. According to research posted in the Journal of Physics of Fluids (yes, that’s a thing), if a person sneezes, coughs, or even speaks loudly and emits droplets, the quicker they dry and the quicker they become inactive.

Research coauthor Rajneesh Bhardwaj of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay said:

“The outdoor weather … determines the duration of drying of respiratory droplets deposited on surfaces. The drying time is linked to the survival of the coronavirus inside the droplets. This may not be the sole factor but definitely the outdoor weather matters … and our study provides some evidence for this fact.”

Lower temperatures coupled with higher humidity would allow the virus to remain active for longer periods on surfaces, so apparently the weather in Phoenix in the summer is about the best you can do for killing the virus outside.

Bhardwaj also said:

“Our study suggests that surfaces such as smartphone screens and wood need to be cleaned more often than glass and steel surfaces, because droplets form blob-like shapes on the former surfaces and the droplets evaporate slowly on such surfaces, thereby increasing the survival of the coronavirus.”

Putting those two ideas together, the best way to shorten the life of the virus is to deal with steel and glass outside in Arizona in the summertime. It also sounds like a great way to burn your hands off.

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