Tap Water Spiked With Alcohol

In the Indian city of Chalakudy, residents of an apartment complex awakened last week to find that alcohol was running out of their faucets.  What had been well water was now a mixture of water, beer, brandy, and rum.

It turns out that a bar next door had shut down and tax officials had to dispose of 6,000 liters (almost 1,600 gallons) of alcohol. They decided to dig a pit and pour in the alcohol, which then seeped into the ground water that supplied the apartment complex.

Officials turned off the water supply for about a day as they cleaned out the contaminants.

There was no report of injury or harm, but the entire incident brings up a report of stupidity. Pouring 6,000 liters of alcohol into a pit sounds incredibly wasteful. It’s possible the apartment complex residents, or say, anyone else, would’ve gladly taken the hooch and avoided the need for digging the pit in the first place.

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Comments (1)

  1. Tom Donaldson

    Could the alcohol have been disposed of any other way legally?

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