Talks between UAW and GM Break Down

UAW workers strike at the Bowling Green facility

Entering their fourth week, talks between General Motors and the striking United Auto Workers turned sour, according to a union official.

In a letter to members, UAW Vice President Terry Dittes said:

“These negotiations have taken a turn for the worse.”

GM’s latest offer essentially was a repeat of a previous offer that the union rejected.  On Sunday, the union kicked back the most recent offer.

While on strike, union members receive $25o per week from the union.  At first, GM cut their healthcare benefits, but then relented.

The union members are striking to bring the income of second-tier workers up to that of first-tier workers, a move that GM rejects because it will dramatically increase their labor expense.

GM and the union negotiated tiers of income during the bankruptcy of the auto industry.  The move allowed tens of thousands of union members to keep their jobs and their pay, as long as new workers received less income.  Since then, GM has paid out bonuses based on profitability, but not closed the gap between the tiers of workers.

Union officials want to negotiate strong employment and wage benefits before the automakers move too far into electric vehicles, which are expected to dramatically cut into the profits of the automakers.


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  1. The outright GREED and dishonesty of the UAW is abhorrent. But what one would expect from them. They almost destroyed GM and the American automobile industry due to their outlandishly high pay and benefits, and now they’re back again!
    Frankly, the Federal Government should clearly state that ALL improvements in salary and cost of new benefits be REQUIRED to be forwarded to the Federal Treasury until the entire amount of money that was paid out to keep the employees employed, is repaid.
    And stipulate that the ‘deal’ with GM, et al, that was brokered to keep them afloat would be reviewed and, if the ‘Tier’ system under which they operate now was a part of that restructuring deal, the ‘deal’ would be rescinded retroactively, the ‘loans’/’grants’ paid by taxpayers, would be clawed back.
    And the Union members can go down with the ship.
    Damned greedy useless morons!

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