Talk About Your ‘Workplace Accident;’ 30 Taliban Killed During Bomb-Making Class

Wishing for the death of another human being seems like a way to generate bad karma. But it’s a great thing that these guys didn’t pass their class and then go on to ply their trade.

The Afghan National Army said in a statement that 30 Taliban fighters, including six foreign nationals who were expert mine makers, had been killed in an explosion on Saturday morning. The blast happened at a mosque in the village of Qultaq in the Dowlatabad district of Balkh province.

The statement said the bodies of the six foreign nationals could not be identified because of damage caused by the blast.

The Taliban fighters had gathered at the mosque to be trained in how to make bombs and IEDs, the Khaama Press News Agency reported.

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Comments (11)

  1. Frank Gless

    So, even for the Taliban, shit happens! That must have been one “hellofa” mine that blew. Right on!

  2. Come on Mann!

    Sounds like karma…….

  3. Charles Benjamin Copeland Jr

    This could not happen to a better bunch of guys. Mess with a bull and you will get the horns is most cases…..

  4. Lumpy Rutherford

    Where the hell was OSHA?

  5. jimdaddy

    YABBA-DABBA-DOO, there is some grace in the world! 30 bomb builders vaporized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Mark S Smith

    LMAO, Couldn’t happen to nicer people.

  7. Falcon

    The gene pool is a little cleaner.

  8. T Beach

    At least they know their bomb works. Have a few more classes and they can wipe theirselves out. Now Obiden will probably give them some of ours though. He dont want his money boys to blow themselves up.

  9. John john

    gee, i real sorry about that.

  10. Kenneth Leslie

    I guess that’s evidence that everyone was paying attention when the instructor told them he’s only going to show them once.

  11. gordon Deitz

    Glad of it. Could not have happened to a large enough group for me. You get what you get when you get it.

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