Sweden Bans Alcohol Sales After 10 PM To Annoy Citizens… and Fight Pandemic

Swedish officials want their citizens to stay home. They haven’t ordered people to remain at home yet, but they are doing other things to encourage people not to stay out. The latest move is to ban the sale of alcohol in bars, restaurants, and clubs after 10 PM. 

Apparently, if you can’t buy a drink you’re more likely to call it a night, or at least that’s what government officials hope will happen.

Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said at a news conference:

“Unfortunately, it looks like we are going into darker times both across the world, in Europe and in Sweden in terms of the spread of the disease.  All the indicators point in the wrong direction.”

You would think that this would be the time that people need, or at least want, a drink, as we’re all tired of the pandemic and the lockdown measures.

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