Supreme Court Rejects Citizenship Question on Census

Supreme Court Chief Justice joined the four liberal members of the court in a 5-4 decision that rejected the Commerce Department’s plan to ask if census respondents are citizens.

Mostly liberal states fought to remove the question, claiming it would deter both legal and illegal immigrants from filling out the form, resulting in an under count of people.

Writing for the majority, Roberts said the Commerce Department can include the question as long as it can properly justify changing a longstanding census practice.  He went on to write that the Trump administration’s justification was “contrived,” and did not appear to be the genuine reason for the change.  By casting doubt on the reasons presented by the Commerce Department, Roberts implied the question could have been created for political reasons.

There is little time left to include the question, but it’s not impossible.  The Commerce Department could offer myriad reasons for the question, including to get an accurate count of citizens.

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Comments (5)

  1. Rivahmitch

    By not requiring non-citizens to be quantified, (i) those citizens who live in states with high numbers of non-citizens votes are effectively given greater weight than those who live in states with no or low numbers of non-citizens. Thus, a Congressional district with non-citizens may represent a smaller number of actual voting citizens than one without such a non-citizen population. Each citizens vote should have equal value in Congressional representation and presidential elections.

  2. Mary Lou Stewart

    Are you a citizen should be on the census. Like here in California there are so many that are not and that will have an effect on the disbursement of funds from the government.

    • Mary Lou Stewart

      What does that mean awaiting moderation??????

  3. Kadok

    lets see, so if you are not a citizen of the united states, you can not be asked on a census form made for the citizens of the united states if you are a citizen of the united states? I got that right didn’t I? Do you think the government would like to know this because this is how federal funds are distributed based on populace of CITIZENS, not on NON CITIZENS or ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.


    Both the government and the taxpayers want to know
    how many citizens and non citizens in the United
    States are voting and are being represented by their
    elected officials. In my opinion, if you are not a
    citizen you should not be voting in any election.

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