Supreme Court Gives Trump’s Tax Records To DA & Disney Censors The Muppets Show As Offensive Content

In this video, Dave talks about how the the Supreme Court may have dealt a potentially massive blow to former President Trump when it ordered the release of his tax records to Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, to be used in grand jury proceedings. The Manhattan DA is investigating Trump and the Trump Organization for hush money payments.

Disney slapped an offensive content warning on The Muppets Show, forcing viewers of the beloved show to watch a 12-second spiel saying, in part, “This program includes negative depictions and/or mistreatment of people or cultures. These stereotypes were wrong then and are wrong now,” Dave recalls his own personal trauma over the depiction of the Swedish Chef, wondering if the content warning goes far enough.

And was the Super Bowl a superspreader event? Dave has the answer.

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Comments (5)

  1. James M Tucker


  2. Michael Horrigan, Sr.

    Don’t you guys have any ashame for anything you do, your better than the democrats, I can’t wait until I hear Biden’s death, he’s unfit to be our president. He’s more interested in his family and his corruption than, is more concerned with the illegal’s , aliens the American people, he’s nothing but a sale out of us. He and Obama have created corruption. Obama is the worst President in history, but I Biden will be the worst in history. Biden is too stupid to govern.

  3. Marie

    We are so disgusted with our politicians and Judges these days when they all have this demoniac obsession on attacking Pres. Trump even when he is no longer in office and they have already spent more than $50,MILLION of our tax dollars investigating him and found nothing. They tried to impeach him twice, based on hearsay, biased opinions, & unfounded allegations without any evidence,concocted by Democrats. Are they all suffering from some form of toxic psychosis? Congress today has evolved from a culture of legislating to a culture of HATE towards one man, and their perpetual campaign to ruin his life and his family. They are not good role models for our children. They disregard our security and the public good. Very Bad people are now in control of our government? Pray that God will intervene and punish the traitors to our country and the abusers of our people. Amen.

  4. James Kaufmann

    The Supreme Court appears to have become an arm of the democrat party. They refuse to judge cases on the legality of the case, rather on the opinion that righting a wrong may not be sufficient to overturn an election. They, therefore leave open the likelihood that the same illegal actions will be used in future elections. They are abdicating their responsibility and reason for existance.

  5. Stephany Vinci

    We are democrats wasting time on Trumps Taxes. Where Biden’s taxes and his sons taxes and his brothers taxes. We all know that they’ve been in bed with China Ukrainian . Let’s look into them.

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