Warren Slips Below 10% in Polls: Leading Candidate is ‘Don’t Know’

In the latest national Reuters/Ipsos public opinion poll of potential Democratic primary voters, support for U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren dropped two points to 9%, her lowest rating since August. Warren has taken heat after finally unveiling details of how she would pay for her multi-trillion dollar healthcare plan.

All the front runners lost ground, with Joe Biden dipping to 19%, Senator Bernie Sanders falling 3 points to 14%, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg down 1 point to 6%.

On the flip side, one answer did move up in the polls, indecision.  “Don’t know” took the top spot at 31%, the highest level since April.

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Comments (3)

  1. Adrian Vance

    Elizabeth Warren is a pathological liar and the American people have seen more than enough of her lying to know she should never hold public office, much less the Presidency of the United States. She clipped the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard for about $4 million for her Cherokee lie, ironic because her grand-uncle was a “Whip Master” on the infamous “Trail of Tears.” Her lie about being fired for pregnancy was shown to be false with a day of her first utterance. Her inability to be artful in answering questions about the funding of her healthcare questions her intellectual capacity deeply and profoundly. We believe her credentials could be found yet another pack of lies and again say, “Elizabeth Warren has no right to hold public office of any kind. She is a compulsive, terminal liar and that is an incurable disease.

  2. Don Baker

    This psychotic anti American liberal loon is not fit to be elected dogcatcher

  3. Robert

    Come on, let it be Joe. That would pay per view television at its best. Of course Hilary would even be more fun to watch.
    The socialist/communist/Marxist are already toast, however that too would be great to watch. Then you have Bloomberg. Thump would be drinking from a 32 oz. cup from McDonald’s, while he tore the former Mayor apart. That too would be fun to watch. Maybe it’s not to late for Adam Schiff to throw his hat into the ring.
    Since the DNC would not allow their debates to be on FOX, and the MSM refuses to televise the Presidents rallies, I believe that an independent network on. “Pay Per View” basis be the selection for the final debates.
    This will of course limit the embarrassment of the Democrats having the world see there candidate self destruct while the Republicans can have a laugh a thon as the President completely destroys there selection on stage.

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