Suddenly Minneapolis City Council Wants to Know: Where Are Police?

Minneapolis city council members are getting an earful from their constituents.

They are getting calls from citizens reporting increased crime and lagging police response times, if they respond at all. Apparently the city is struggling with more crime as violent crime is up this year over last, and more people have been killed so far in 2020 than in all of 2019. Property crimes are also up and arson has increased 55%.

Now the city council members are demanding that Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo tell them how the department is responding to the violence.  

Hmm.  Isn’t this the same city council that voted to abolish the police department? And when that didn’t work, they voted to defund parts of it?

Turns out that Arradondo is working short-handed. More than 100 officers have retired or otherwise separated from the force so far this year, more than double the usual number.

Newly-elected council member Jamal Osman said residents are asking: “Where are the police?”

One council member said his constituents feel terrorized.

Gee, if this happens today before they dramatically reduce funding for the police, just imagine what life will be like in Minneapolis tomorrow.

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Comments (7)

  1. Sam R

    That is a great idea!! Why didn’t we think of that sooner? Defund and disband (same thing) the police. Then we can pay for private security (armed of course) for the extremely wise and blessed elected officials. The rest of us can live “Mad Max” in real time. What a great idea for an adventure!! So who cares if you get raped, murdered and enslaved!!! To serve the “Elected Elite” is you role, your lot in life. You wanted this, you got it.

    • MB

      Oh well, only for the elites who want their booty covered not for us?
      Who cares about what the elitist want, they don’ t care until there is no money coming in , then they will scream…my PAYCHECK!!!!!

  2. Jon James

    The rise in crime happens at the same time as the rise of BLM, says it all really.

  3. Arnold Tobias

    VOTE TRUMP !!!

  4. Paula

    The people of Minneapolis, are getting exactly what they wanted. Give the criminals more control, now they have it. More incidents, in high numbers of any group of people, will result in higher incidents involving, Police. (This is not a race issue)
    Defund and destroy police stations, (Substations) this is what you wanted and let happen. Now you people in Leadership Roles, (city council) who have sat by and watched this mass destruction, need to be patrolling your streets, plus fixing, creating, some sort of damage control.
    I feel for upstanding citizens and children of Minneapolis.
    Law Enforcement: These men and Women who put their lives on the line. everyday, for us, no longer feel respected, supported, nor protected. Common sense 101, Who wants these jobs?
    All this retaliation, because of President Trump, people do not like him. Governor’s, Mayors, all Leadership roles. So you put the American people in jeopardy, just to push back at the President. You Leaders especially in Minneapolis, are in for a rude awakening. Everyone knows what’s going on! Trump-Pence 2020

    • Glenn Shannon

      Must be the upstanding citizens are in a minority considering who was voted in to run the city.

  5. Dermot Bailey

    I am certain that this will not be published on National news media, or on any Social sites( Facebook et.) they only print negative things and Censor anything positive. Especially if it has to do with Upstanding Normal Citizens, of whatever race or creed.They are only interested in helping murderers, arsonists, rabble, unemployable idiots. This applies also to Town Councils, Politicians, from the lowest up to Governors, who are spineless imbeciles in so many cases. Who are a disgrace to their towns and cities and especially the Tax Paying Citizens. They only want to support the rabble who pay no tax’s , who burn and destroy and murder their citizens. Who do not understand or are to cowardly to stand up for Law and Order. Who seem to hate the Police and the Law who they should be supporting. <<<there are always bad hats in any profession , but you not throw the good out with the bad. Anyone with intelligence sorts the bad Apple out from the good, so that the good stay good.

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