Subway Worker in Oakland Saves Man Who Fell on Tracks as Train Arrived

The Oakland Raiders won Sunday afternoon, and then fans filed out of the stadium to find their way home.

As many gathered at the Coliseum Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station, waiting for a train, one rider stumbled along the yellow line a the edge of the tracks, apparently drunk.  Just as the train arrived, the man fell onto the tracks several feet below.

That’s when BART Transportation Supervisor John O’Connor, who was working at the station sprang into action.

Seeing the man out of the corner of his eye fall, O’Connor jumped to the edge of the tracks, grabbed the man by the arms and shoulders, and heaved him back onto the platform in a rolling motion just as before the train ran past.

O’Connor said:

“I didn’t think.  I just reacted.”

“It feels awkward to be called a hero.  Because we’re all human beings, and we all know how precious life is.”

After pulling the man back onto the platform, the crowd cheered as O’Connor and the man hugged.  O’Connor told him to “pay it forward.”

It’s not clear that the man was at the game.  He said he was on his way to Sacramento.  Thanks to O’Connor, he might reach his destination.





  1. a hero preforming a heroic act never thinks he has done anything that any one would no do, that is WHAT MAKES A HERO, LIKE IN COMBAT THEY JUST REACT SEEING THE NED TO SAVE SOME ONE OR EVEN AM ANIMAL, THAT IS WHAT AMERICANS GREAT!!

  2. Some people sit and stare, shocked, and not able to move. Others leap into action, and DO SOMETHING! The man is lucky that one of the latter type was watching, and close enough to act. Glad they are both OK.

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