Stunt Man Proposes to Girlfriend… While on Fire

Maybe you picked out a romantic spot when you proposed to your spouse, or maybe you did it with some flair at a restaurant or sporting event. But chances are, you can’t top Riky Ash, a 52-year-old professional stuntman, who proposed to his girlfriend, Katrina Dobson, 48, while Ash was literally on fire.

But Ash didn’t take the event lightly. He enlisted a group of accomplices including a producer, cameraman, and safety crew, and wrote out the procedures on how it was to go.

Ash created a cover story about a photoshoot, which is how he got Dobson on the scene without her suspecting. He wore fire-retardant gear below his clothing and smeared protective gel on his hands, face, and the back of his neck. In Ash’s telling, the hard part was timing it right so he could propose while alit and not have to be “extinguished” before he popped the question.

While Ash was able to ask for Dobson’s hand with the flames still going, his safety crew put out the flames before he heard her answer… which was “Yes!”

The couple met just weeks before the pandemic, and are somewhat of an odd match.  Dobson is 6’3″, while Ash is just 5’3″.

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