Split Decision: Biden Might Win, But it Looks Like Republicans Hold Senate

Those pesky mail-in ballots.

Whether you think that they are ripe with fraud or simply gumming up the works because it takes so long to count them, either way the high number of mail-in ballots are keeping us from knowing the definitive outcome of the election.

If previous trends in mail-in ballots hold, Joe Biden will take Pennsylvania and the White House. At this point, no one knows.

But in the Senate, the GOP held on to key seats such as Lindsay Graham’s in South Carolina and picked up seats like former Auburn Coach Tommy Tuberville taking the race from Doug Jones in Alabama. Those wins and other key decisions look likely to leave the Republicans in control of the senate, which would deny Democrats a sweep of the White House and both chambers of Congress.

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Comments (3)

  1. al

    I thought Trump had the most votes!
    What happened in 2016?

    • ralp

      covid 19 resergents kept voters home afraid to come and vote ( it worked against Trump )

  2. MMK

    It would not be a “win” for Biden….it would be a corrupt, leftist, anarchist fraud against our President Trump. Reading reports of what happened when people tried to vote in Pennsylvania should cause those votes to be recounted. A “poll worker” wearing a Biden mask not allowing the people who are legally appointed to watch for voting fraud and polls in Pennsylvania not opening. It’s just plain disgusting. President Trump will win.

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