Special Ops Hires Diversity and Inclusion Officer; Was This a Problem?

The U.S. military was one of the first major organizations to integrate by race. The idea of choosing the best candidates, no matter what they look like or where they are from, to keep us safe makes a lot of sense. Which is why the latest move by the military raises a question or two.

The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) just announced they hired Richard Estrada-Torres as their Officer of Diversity and Inclusion. Remember, SOCOM oversees any special operations involving elements from multiple services.

JSOC, a joint command which is focused on counter-terrorism, was established in December 1980 and was later brought in under the umbrella of SOCOM. These people are, as it is called, the sharp end of the stick. USSOCOM includes units from all of the military branches, such as Navy Seals, Army Rangers, Marines Special Operations Command, Air Force Special Operations Command, and others.

Less than one percent of the United States population serves in the military and two percent of the military are special operators in SOCOM. That means less than .0002% of the nation.

Qualifying for this group is phenomenally difficult, which brings us back to the questions. If officers overseeing SOCOM forces were discriminating against anyone in terms of who they let in, then they were making our nation less safe and making our offensive efforts less effective. If this occurred, then such officers should be immediately relieved of command and prosecuted under some law for harming our nation.

However, if our process and personnel have done their job effectively in bringing new members to these groups, then adding a diversity and inclusion element will diminish the effectiveness of those efforts.

It can’t be both.

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Comments (6)

  1. Donald

    A diversity and inclusion officer is something borrowed from communist Russia where there was a “Political Officer” in beaded into every group within their military. It is a threat to freedom and liberty to even contemplate in beading such personnel into our armed forces. We The people have to end the totalitarian goals of the Democrat party and prevent them from using the communist manifesto and Orwell’s 1984 as the guidelines for their plans to destroy freedom as they grab for totalitarian power.

  2. Peter McNamee

    Makes sense.
    A pure white person speaking with a Brooklyn accent would not promote much open communication along our Southern border.

    • tim


  3. Kelli Armstrong

    Definition of someone to supervise diversity and inclusion is: Someone in charge of getting some racism started, so we can have some chaos stirred up, in order to facilitate the efforts of the socialist fake government in Washington to control the U.S. Military and further weaken our nation and prepare it for foreign takeover. This idea should be energetically opposed by the House and Senate.

  4. Norma Byrd

    Interesting take on this. It brings up more questions than presented here though. What this “inclusion” and “diversity” thing has meant to date, has resulted in a serious form of reverse racism, where if a “white” person and a “person of color” were vying for the same job, the later would have to be chosen over the former, even if the former was more and better qualified. This sort of diverse inclusion would seem to endanger the safety of the nation in this case. At a time when our military needs to be very strong, is it really wise to install such game playing?

  5. Shawn Glancy

    The Armed Services should be, and should remain, a meritocracy. The purpose of the military is to protect American interests throughout the world…they are not the appropriate place for social experiments. When you are tasked with killing people and breaking things (sometimes) you need the best of the best. There should be no quotas in the military. We have the greatest military In the world and it should stay that way!

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