Speaker Assailed on College Campus for Speech Titled “Men Are Not Women”

PJ Media reports that when Michael Knowles of the Daily Wire took the stage at the University of Missouri-Kansas City to open his speech, titled “Men Are Not Women,” student Girard Dabu attempted to shoot him with a squirt gun filled with what was later determined to be lavender oil and household liquids.

In response to the incident, University Chancellor Mauli Agrawal issued a statement that read in part:

Last night, our campus witnessed a collision of two principles that we steadfastly support: the right to free expression and the right to civil protest in response to views we disagree with. The evening’s events laid bare deep divisions that exist in our society today – divisions that UMKC works diligently to address through education, support and commitment to our values.

We continue to urge everyone in our UMKC community, and the broader community, to stay true to our values in the face of provocation, and to respond to bias and intolerance with reason and courage; to hardened attitudes with open minds and honest questions; to false statements with calm, fact-based challenges.

There’s no word on exactly what it was about Mr. Knowles’ view, men are not women, that is disagreeable, or how that statement shows bias or intolerance.  But at least the chancellor and student protesters are on the case.

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Comments (1)

  1. Tired of the same ol' BS

    When College children cannot tell the difference between male and female then they do not deserve to be in college. They wonder why their student debt is so high. It’s because of all the distractions and BS that is allowed to go on there. It is an institution of higher learning, not a political arena, a grow up area, or party central. Those that think it is should get the heck out of College and join the working stiffs for a while.

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