Social Media Site Parler Finds a Web Hosting Home at Epik


First Apple and Google, through Android, kicked social media app Parler out of their app stores, which made the Twitter-like app unusable on mobile phones. Then Amazon deplatformed Parler by ending its web hosting services.

This left Parler scrambling to find a place where it could host its millions of users, many conservative, who have grown disillusioned with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others.

It now looks like Parler found a web hosting home at Epik, which also hosts free-wheeling social media site Gab.

Epik put out a statement defending Parler, saying the company was treated unfairly, and noting that Parler is working on meeting the hosting terms.

This doesn’t get Parler back onto mobile devices, but it’s a start.

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Comments (10)

  1. dolores benton

    Someone needs to get a BACK BONE and put a stop to all this CRAP for goodness SAKE this is AMERICA and I am beginning to not even recognize it FREEDOM OF SPEECH seems to have been taken away from us I am SICK OF ALL OF THIS and it should be STOPPED I have lived 81 years and I never thought I would see what is going on !

  2. Daniel Prado

    Thank God! Step in the right direction to allow free speech.

    • Billy Thedford

      Many brave men have fought in wars to protect our first amendment rights and the Constitution . I served 3 years in military including Viet Nam , I’ll never forget the welcome home we never got !! Our forefathers warned us that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance !!

  3. Joe

    facebook, twitter and google must be broken up as they are monopolies. They have undue control of the market. They achieved their current status not by technical excellence or quality of service but by unfair and underhanded tactics. I have never looked at facebook or twitter. Googly (google) has some useful services they provide in lieu accepting their ads which is how they make their profit. But their underhanded actions in controlling “free speech” is very repulsive and I will go out of my way not patronize any of google’s advertisers.

    • James G Lane Jr

      I agree 100%. The only recourse conservatives have is to boycott these companies.

      • Jesus Alvarez

        I agree

        • Terry Roberts

          Who needs them anyway? They’re just power hungry crooks!

  4. Dr. Robert Wheatley

    On the web look up this site “tombstone in Kansas from the 1800’s stating the Democrats will be the downfall of our United States” as posted by old Union soldier on his monument. Sad but now coming to pass.. If a corrupt party can steal an election and shout the praises of the key players in the Democratic Party holding positions of trust like Biden and the Speakers of House and Senate we are in deep trouble and almost lost.

  5. Richard Edwards

    keep me up to date and informed thanks

  6. Barbara Denton

    Please keep us informed as to when EPIK starts transmitting Parler. I am on Parler and left Twitter over 2 months ago due to their policies and censorship. I would like to get off Facebook also. I am on MeWe but they do not have a large following. Sign up for both these services and leave Twitter and Facebook to the CCP which is running the censorship.

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