Sign of the Times: Houston Gets First Drive-Thru Strip Club in Texas

If the patrons must stay in their cars, then clearly the, um, entertainers, must go to the parking lot.

The owners of the Vivid Gentlemen’s Club in Houston decided they had to adjust their business model. The city shut the club down in March and it hasn’t been able to reopen. Watching the days go by with no revenue and no end in sight, the owners developed a new business plan.

Taking up the governor on his suggestion to offer drive-thru service, the strip club now offers a drive-thru food menu, with a side of exotic dancing, and they also offer carryout alcohol.

The business set up a large tent in the parking lot. Patrons drive-thru, never getting out of their vehicles. Essentially they are “entertained” while they ease forward in line, waiting for their food order at the end. If they happen to throw a few dollars out the car window in the process, well, hey, it’s a business.

The club did have to come up with some new rules. The dancers must stay behind a metal fence that separates them from the cars, and there’s a “two-song maximum,” meaning that drivers can’t dawdle in line longer than that.

Jada, one of the entertainers, said:

“It has definitely put a different perspective on my work field.  Luckily with the club being open I’m still able to come into work and get money and take care of my bills. I definitely think it’s essential. Everybody needs entertainment, everybody needs their hair done, everyone needs something. And I feel like this is where that comes into play. And we’re doing a good job of keeping it within the limits of what we can do.”

Yep, everyone is adapting to the new reality in their own way, even if it’s drive-thru strip clubs.  As for the quality of the food, well, that hasn’t really come up.

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