Would American Kids Do This? Siberian Student Climbs Tree for Internet Access

Russian student Alexei Dudoladov, 21, who lives in Siberia, really wants to keep his education on track. In fact, he’s so dedicated that he’s willing to go to great lengths, or rather, great heights, to reach his goal.

When his classes went online due to the pandemic, Dudoladov had an issue. To get a steady internet connection in his remote town, he must climb a birch tree. He gained attention when he recorded a video plea to authorities for better internet service from the top of a snow-covered birch tree, a video that has now been viewed more than 1.9 million times on TikTok.

Dudoladov said:

“I need to go into the forest 300 metres from the village and climb a birch tree that is eight-metres high… and I get on Zoom to speak to professors and prove that I am not skipping class for no reason.”

Authorities put Dudoladov on an individual study plan to get around the issue, but that’s not the solution he wants.  Dudoladov said:

“I was put on an individual study plan, but do they (authorities) not care about other students from other universities. Why can people from the city use the internet in their apartments while villagers can only do so from highways, rooftops and trees!”

While it’s easy to sympathize with him, it’s also easy to see why the situation exists. He lives in the middle of nowhere. Still, his dedication is admirable!

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