Should the Chinese Pay Some Cost of COVID-19? 42% of U.S. Voters Think So

The coronavirus COVID-19 originated in Wuhan, China, ostensibly transmitted from a wild animal at a “wet market” to humans. Wet markets sell live animals that are then slaughtered. But China refused to admit that a new virus was making the rounds, and even punished a doctor who tried to warn others. Unfortunately, the doctor eventually perished from the disease.

As COVID-19 spread, eventually China sounded the alarm and then took drastic measures, placing up to 780 million people under some level of lockdown or quarantine. But by that time the virus was out, it had traveled to other countries, which are now dealing with the virus within their borders.

Some Americans think China should bear some of the economic burden of the virus spreading around the world because government officials in that country refused to acknowledge the virus or share information.

According to a Rasmussen poll, 42% of likely American voters think China should cough up some cash to help with expenses in other nations.  36% disagree, saying China shouldn’t have to pay, while 22% aren’t sure.

But China’s not standing still to take the blame.  Recently government officials have blamed the U.S. for bringing the virus to China, specifically calling out the U.S. Army, trying to shift responsibility away from themselves.


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