Shocking Revelation: Democrats on Twitter Less Likely to Seek Common Ground

There’s a popular perception that social media makes us less empathetic and open-minded. It makes sense that you could be more sensitive and responsive with a person in front of you than with a Twitter handle.

Well, studies haven’t exactly born that out to be true when it comes to social media in general, but new research suggests that Democrats who hop on Twitter, specifically, are not exactly open to compromise.

This comes as a surprise to no one, but it sheds some light on the political dynamics of the left as primary season heats up.

According to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in January, a little less than one-third of Democrats use the microblogging platform. That subset is significantly more liberal, and also less likely to support a candidate looking for common ground with Republicans by a 10-point margin.

Those of the party who are not on Twitter say it is “more important that a Democratic presidential candidate focus on finding common ground with Republicans on policies, even if it means giving up some things Democrats want.”

Unsurprisingly considering the aforementioned ideological gap, the Twitter users were more likely to support Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, and less likely to support Joe Biden.

The survey results tell us nothing about the GOP side of things, which may very well look about exactly the same.

The real take away is to take what you hear on Twitter for what it is. Up to 280 characters typed up by someone who does not represent all of our country. Just a part of it.

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