The Latest Fashion Statement; a $185 Face Mask

Yes, It turns out that people will buy anything, and make a competition out of who can spend the most.

Now that we’re required to wear masks in many places, we might as well show the world a beautiful mask, right?

Belgian designers have taken on the challenge of turning the government-mandated masks into chic, and pricey, accessories that run from $90 to almost $200.

Brussels-based stylist Aude De Wolf has created a “scarf mask” that uses linen, cashmere and other high-quality materials to combine masks with luxurious shawls.

De Wolf, who has also sewn some 1,500 free medical masks for hospitals, said:

“I was inspired by my mother because she doesn’t like her neck. You can slip the mask off when you’re in the car and slip it back on in the shops … You could say it’s a luxury product.”

Haut-couture garment and accessory maker Olivia Hainaut is churning out masks adorned with sequins, jewels, and even silk flowers.

Hainaut said:

“These are not masks for everyday wear, perhaps for a party or a wedding … the idea is to bring some joy to something that is very sad.”

Let’s hope all of this ends before kids go to school with Nike or Polo branded face masks.

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