Senators Warren, Harris Lie About Michael Brown Shooting, Earn Four Pinocchios

While campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination last week, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris both stressed the need to solve Michael Brown’s “murder” in Ferguson, Missouri, five years ago.

The only problem is that Michael Brown wasn’t murdered.

After Brown reached into Police Officer Wilson’s SUV and assaulted him, Officer Wilson shot Brown in the hand.  Brown moved away from the vehicle, and Wilson chased after him, yelling for him to stop and surrender.

Brown stopped in a driveway, turned around, either shrugged or moved his hands up slightly, then charged at Officer Wilson, who then shot him.

All of these facts come from witnesses, not the police.

The only piece of information Officer Wilson offered that wasn’t corroborated by eye witnesses is that, while Brown was hitting him and reaching into his vehicle, Brown was trying to wrest away his weapon, something that no bystander could possibly see.

There was no murder, there was no victim shot while holding up his hands.

By the time the Justice Department had established the facts through intensive investigation, the press and the public no longer cared, but that doesn’t change the facts.

Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler called out both Senators for calling Brown’s demise a “murder,” and then assigned them each four Pinocchios.

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