Seattle Trump Donors Come Out of Hiding

Seattle has the Space Needle, Amazon, and Starbucks, and plenty of Democrats.  In Seattle’s home state of Washington, President Trump’s net approval rating – those who approve minus those who disapprove – is an eye-popping -28.

There’s no way the President will win the state in the next presidential election, but some Seattle residents – actually, many Seattle residents – don’t care.  They’re showing their support anyway.

Trump has drawn donations from more donors, big and small, than any of the Democratic challengers.  In fact, the President has drawn more individual donations than the six leading Democratic challengers combined, although some have drawn higher dollar amounts.

Interestingly, President Trump has received the highest number of donations ever at this point in the election of any politician from either party.

Apparently, Seattle Republicans are losing their fear of being associated with President Trump.


  1. Because I live in a suburb outside of Seattle I am very happy to hear that some Seattleites are finally coming to their senses and realizing Trump is a very good President and deserves another term. KEEP AMERICA GREAT VOTE PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020.

  2. Just imagine all of the taxes social programs that will overwhelm the economy if you get any of the Democrat candidates in office. The country would be on a free fall that it never recover from.

  3. If a bill was passed limiting the fringe benefits that all congressional members get after leaving office, I feel certain that our deficit could be eliminated in a very shot period of time especially considering the fact that they also want to take care of non-citizens, other countries and everyone else except our American citizens and especially our homeless ex-military. Furthermore they are highly overpaid so they should take a pay cut to help get us out of this mess that was NOT caused by Trump.

  4. With as vial as the Democratic party members are becoming, the illegal acts they are doing, the fights they are picking, and basically ugly actions they now represent, it’s easier and safer to just stay quiet and make our donations and votes quietly, so that America can be restored to the once thriving nation that it was before the “new and clueless” Democrats have attempted to try and destroy it. These clueless individuals are the “give me” crowd that want debt forgiveness and have us pay for their mistakes, want free this or that which we have to pay for, and to let ever nation in the world suck off our success as well as move here, all at our expense. WE CANNOT support the world no matter how bad it looks. Our Democratic leaders have been supporting corrupt leaders and have for the most part caused these problems. Now they want Socialism in this Country, to cover their actions and mistakes. That is not the America I love nor Served in the Military to Defend.

    • I am in full agreement with you. I swore an oath to support and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. The domestic are the ones that have me worried today.

  5. Washington State…votes 100% by mail-in ballots. This does allows WA Citizens to cross party lines…whenever it is needed.
    The problem here is that our Conservative votes are often over-whelmed by the high population density cities (Olympia, Seattle, Vancouver) on the west side of the state. ….On the East side of the State, which is more rural, we tend to vote conservatively.

  6. I agree with DB and I would like to add that most Democrats in political office believe in killing our human babies that are born or that are in their mother’s womb! Please vote Republican!

  7. I remember when the big issue of the day was “Foreign Aid”. Billions of US
    Dollars going to help our neighbors to the south. BS. It was spread around to politicians both US and Foreign recipients. When the politicians got through feeding there was nothing left for the citizens south of the border.

  8. I like the big tax cut cause I made out bigly even when the economy was doing great; I like him calling BS on global warming; Like eliminating the Endangered Species Act and dumping our former allies. I like supporting Kim Un Jong, Putin and Erdogan. I like putting tariffs on our largest trading partners, Canada and Mexico. And finally he drained the swamp and replaced it with, well people whom the courts have picked on and sent to jail. And he is a perfect narcissistic leader.

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