Seattle Trump Donors Come Out of Hiding

Seattle has the Space Needle, Amazon, and Starbucks, and plenty of Democrats.  In Seattle’s home state of Washington, President Trump’s net approval rating – those who approve minus those who disapprove – is an eye-popping -28.

There’s no way the President will win the state in the next presidential election, but some Seattle residents – actually, many Seattle residents – don’t care.  They’re showing their support anyway.

Trump has drawn donations from more donors, big and small, than any of the Democratic challengers.  In fact, the President has drawn more individual donations than the six leading Democratic challengers combined, although some have drawn higher dollar amounts.

Interestingly, President Trump has received the highest number of donations ever at this point in the election of any politician from either party.

Apparently, Seattle Republicans are losing their fear of being associated with President Trump.

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