Protesters in Seattle Burn Juvenile Detention Center

When protesters gather outside of a federal courthouse, it seems likely they are protesting something about the federal government. But when Seattle protesters set fire to the construction site of a county juvenile detention facility, well, then it just looks like arson.

The Seattle Police were trying to gain access to the area so that firefighters could put out the blaze, which was started by about a dozen people who were part of a large group of demonstrators. The protests in Seattle are reportedly a show of solidarity with those in Portland. That makes sense because both protests involve people showing up and burning stuff with few consequences.

It’s not clear what they intend to do when they succeed in their goal of burning things, or what point they will have made.

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Comments (2)

  1. Beverly Buck

    Such a sad sate of affairs. These people need to find God anfd learn haw to be productive in a posative way!

  2. GSS

    They’re burning their own home.

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