CHOP in Seattle Getting Chopped; It Only Took Shootings and Sexual Assault to Spur Authorities to Action

Well, now we have an answer to the question of, “How far will city authorities in Seattle let protester go before they clamp down?”  It wasn’t rioting, looting, or even taking over a section of the city that brought on enforcement, it was three shootings and a sexual assault.  After these things were reported, the Mayor announced that the city will be ending the ongoing protest.

Now as to how the city plans to go about shutting down the Capital Hill Organized Protest (CHOP), that’s a different, and as yet unwritten, story.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan:

“SPD will be returning to the East Precinct. We will do it peacefully and in the near future.”

Durkan condemned the violence and said that it distracted from the main theme of the protesters, which is something that many Americans would agree with.  Murder has a way of catching your attention.

She said such violence distracted from changes in policing demanded by demonstrators.

U.S. President Donald Trump has said the demonstrations in the Seattle protest zone are being run by “anarchists”.

The hard part will be figuring out the next steps.  The CHOP doesn’t have a monolithic organizational structure, there are several groups in the area calling for different things.  Some want the police defunded, others want all blacks in jail for violent crimes to get new trials.  With the mayor intent on negotiating, first she must find someone or group with whom to negotiate.


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Comments (2)


    durkan and the communist city council have no interest in stopping this mess.they have caused it to happen and are trying to turn the city into a sanfranshitsco clone. the fact that seattle LOST one more MAJOR EMPLOYER has more to do with it’s decision to slow the mess down. NOT STOP BUT SLOW DOWN. THE POLICE WILL NOT RISK a confrontation because of the worthless city government WILL NOT BACK THEM . NOR WILL OUR WORTHLESS GOVERNOR.



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