Seattle Autonomous Zone Low on Food After Homeless Take It All

Well, this might not last very long.

The anarchists who took over the Capitol Hill section of Seattle, with the tacit approval of the police department no less, appear to have a sourcing problem. The groups loosely controlling the area are clear about who is not allowed inside and who is welcome. Among those on the outs are police, while the group happily welcomed the homeless.

That is, until the homeless apparently ate their food and left them short of essentials, such as plant-based meat substitutes.

A person tweeting under the handle anarchomastia wrote:

“The homeless people we invited took away all the food at the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.

we need more food to keep the area operational.  please if possible bring vegan meat substitutes, fruits, oats, soy products, etc. – anything to help us eat”

This might end up being a problem as the people involved dubbed their little slice of heaven “autonomous.” That autonomy might evaporate once the group exists only to the extent that others feel inclined to provide them with subsistence. Then they become beholden, and then… hey wait! That just makes them one more corrupt government.

Dave gives his take on this topic below:

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Comments (5)

  1. Edwin Mack

    I’m still amazed at how many ignorant, arrogant self-righteous we have in our great country. People who appreciate nothing we have to offer or give them. People who don’t want to see all that has been accomplished on their behalf. Those who want others to think they’re strong, are good leaders and have power over other people. Only to be shown as loud mouths who depend on others for their strength. Unless they are with others as a gang, they are nothing. Protesters who have NO guts on their own but will follow these kinds of people to no end are the same people. Who know right from wrong but for some reason don’t care. For Christs Sake, grow up people! HE has gone through enough. HE doesn’t need our help; we need his. we need each others trust…….. STILL.

  2. Larry!

    Come on give the brats some food, make sure it has plenty of laxative added because the problem is they are all full of crap

  3. Buckwheat

    To the good men and women of the Police & Fire department, I would suggest that you stay away from the district and shut everything off and see how long they can last. With the food supply getting less and less then maybe the “thugs” will realize that the police and fire departments are needed to maintain a level of life that some take for granted. Maybe “they” will learn and realize the error of their ways. Good luck police – fire department.
    It is just a shame that the city administration does NOT back their good people who protect their city.

  4. Richard R. Pope

    Let them eat the rocks that they have been throwing and drink the gasoline that they used to make fire bombs. Maybe they might want to eat the babies that they like to murder. Take a long walk off a short pier in concrete overshoes.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  5. Christine

    I say lock that 6 blocks in so those people can’t leave that area and be done. Seriously they will learn to grow food or die. Lol

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