Sean Connery Best Bond of All Time, Of Course, But Dalton in Third? Really?

In a new “tournament” style poll by Radio Times, Sean Connery was dubbed the best James Bond ever. But the way the voting took place made for odd results after the number one slot. It went to Timothy Dalton, which makes no sense.

Because it was a tournament, each “round” pitted two Bond actors against one another, with winners advancing to the next round. That sounds fair enough, but in actual tournaments, such as March Madness College Basketball, the strongest teams are paired against the weakest teams in early competition. This isn’t meant to cause good teams to pummel bad ones, it’s intended to stop the best teams from playing each other early in the tournament, thereby allowing weaker competitors from making it deep into the schedule.

Which is apparently what happened with Bond.

In the first “round,” Radio times put Sean Connery against Daniel Craig, which many would argue to be like putting #1 against #2, or at least against #3.

Connery moved on and Craig was out. Pierce Brosnan beat George Lazenby, which is believable, then in an upset Timothy Dalton beat Roger Moore.

This left Connery, Brosnan, and Dalton vying for the top spot. They finished the voting in that order, which implies that Dalton is a more highly regarded Bond than Daniel Craig.


As for the choice between Craig and Brosnan, that would be tough. But for size and brooding, it’s gotta be Craig.

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Comments (1)

  1. ernaldo

    Craig was best, Connery second.

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