Scientists Develop On-Skin Cooling Patch: Personal Air Conditioning!

The patch is small and requires no fan or pump.  It creates passive cooling by redirecting sunlight while allowing the body to naturally cool and, according to the developers, can achieve an 11 degree Fahrenheit differential during the day.

Think of it as personal air conditioning, with a ton of applications.  Currently, the device is a small wired patch, and researchers say it will take one to two years to design a wireless version. They also hope to one day take their technology and apply it to ‘smart’ clothing.

Author Zheng Yan, an assistant professor in the College of Engineering at the University of Missouri, said:

“We believe this is one of the first demonstrations of this capability in the emerging field of on-skin electronics.  Eventually, we would like to take this technology and apply it to the development of smart textiles.  That would allow for the device’s cooling capabilities to be delivered across the whole body.”

While use in the military and refugee camps in hot climates is obvious, there’s also the beach and the golf course.

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