PA School District Threatens Foster Care for Kids if Lunch Room Debts Aren’t Paid

The Wyoming Valley West School District in Pennsylvania wants its money.  Parents owe the district $20,000 in unpaid lunchroom bills for days that their kids ate lunch but didn’t pay.  The district doesn’t turn away kids from lunch, but lacks an efficient way to collect from deadbeat parents.

The district sent notes home with kids, and mailed letters, but it didn’t work.  Finally, the district tried a new line of reasoning.

It sent a letter informing parents that sending their kids without food amounted a form of medical neglect, which would require the district to report the parents to Dependency Court (Child Protective Services), which could end with the kids being removed from the home and placed in foster care.

The letter caused quite a stir, and the district has since backed down.  As for Dependency Court, that never would have happened.

From The Hill:

Joanne Van Saun, executive director of the county’s child and youth services, called the initial letter “disturbing,” telling WBRE that “never has this county removed a child from a home for unpaid bills and never will we.”


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  1. The State of Pennsylvania (and any other State) could raise the property taxes so that all children would have a “free” lunch. The raise in taxation wouldn’t be very much and would benefit all children. All governments waste a great deal in taxpayer monies; at least using a portion to feed the children is a benefit for all concerned.

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