San Francisco Ed. Board Votes to Cover George Washington Mural

It’s official: The San Francisco Board of Education voted unanimously to permanently cover the multi-panel mural depicting different times in the life of George Washington.

The board voted either to install permanent panels over the mural, which will cost $600,000, or to paint over it, which will require a $500,00 environmental study and then professional painting, for a total cost of around $600,000.

The board decided against installing curtains because they could be removed at a later date, allowing people to see the offensive mural.

Detractors of the mural claim it causes discomfort among students, but it was hard to find many who thought about it, much less felt any emotion about it.

Lope Yap Jr., the vice president of the school’s alumni association, said:

“The content and the art quality is priceless.  Every day — in contrast to opponents — teachers, librarians use it as a teaching point. No matter where I go, no matter who I meet, 85 percent of people are in favor of retaining the murals.”

The mural was painted by Victor Arnautoff, a Russian-born artist, social realist and Communist who was critical of the country’s first president.  The panels showed Washington overseeing slaves picking cotton and explorers walking past the corpse of a Native American.

Still the school board felt the mural somehow negatively affected minority communities, even though it emphasized negative aspects of the first president’s life.

Board President Stevon Cook said:

“There’s been this whole discussion about whitewashing history as if a mural is the only way to talk about history, or as if that history is an accurate depiction of the full experiences of people of that time. I think that argument really limits the nuances in how dynamic that time was and all the contributions African slaves made to the country, that indigenous Americans gave to settlers. To think that those two depictions are it is baffling.”

Apparently Mr. Cook is against all murals, paintings, and other scene depictions, because it’s not possible to depict all nuances of a period of time in such a medium. He hasn’t said whether or not he will work to remove the statue of George Washington that stands nearby.

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Comments (9)

  1. Robert

    Libs are sick. These demented, twisted, perverted traitors really need to go to another country. Sh*ts about to get real.

  2. Gaylene

    This is sickening – I see nothing but a bunch of panty-wastes without any back bone at all. To cover up a historical mural to comply with a select group of people who claim it offends them is pure cowardice! If they don’t like AMERICAN history – pick another country and go there and I dare you to speak out like you’re doing in the USA. See the walls with bullet holes in them? – that’s what happens in most countries.How can you call yourselves “Board of Education?

  3. Tony

    “If you control the present, you control the past. If you control the past, you control the future.” Orwell’s “1984” is alive and well. This is a sad and dangerous time for America, especially with Liberals and Progressives like Stevon Cook, who are using the language of Newspeak to control and limit thoughts and expressions. The snowflakes in our schools and colleges are the product of a progressively mind-bending thought mutation process to usher in a brave new world. Frightening indeed!

  4. Kurt Drager

    I have posted it before and will again! “Those who forget their past are doomed to repeat it!”

  5. John Stuczynski

    How about having California drop pout of the United States? They want to vote on it. The country could save trillions of dollars. This act by the board of Ed in San Francisco is shameful. How do these people think we were freed from England? San Francisco was once a town you loved to visit. Now, it is a trash dump. I could not be paid to visit that city. Homeless and junkies. I hope Nancy Pelosi is proud of her home town. Put some illegals in her yard and some homeless in fromt of her office and see how she reacts to that. That would be fun to watch.

  6. Trad

    I am really tried of these poor excuses for Americans and our countries history.
    Leave America if you are offended, we are offended by YOU —holes!!
    You must take the good with the bad its real.

  7. Sharon Jeanguenat

    Not everything that happened in America is good. And, there are still bad things that happen here, too. But, ignoring our past is to repeat it in the future. Yes, America made mistakes, serious ones. Slavery was the worst, massacre of the natives was next. However, hiding from it doesn’t do anyone any good. We need to learn from our past mistakes, & try to make sure they never happen again. And, I agree with Trad. If you don’t like America, then LEAVE. I’m sure you can find somebody to help you pack. I’m tired of being told about white priviledge. I’ve never experienced it. I was born in the South, but grew up in the North, so you can imagine what it was like in school. And, even back in the ’50s, we were taught history lies.It wasn’t until I was a grown up that I learned the truth about some things, including the Civil War. It was NOT started over slavery, but taxation without representation is what started it. Slavery was used as an excuse for it to keep the French from siding with the South. None of the northern slaves were freed, just the southern ones. Even General Grant owned a slave, named Thomas, that his father in law gave him as a wedding gift. By covering the mural, they’re trying to hide history from the light of day. Yes, George Washington wasn’t a perfect man, but who among us is>

  8. Jerry Springberg

    A Reply: plenty of time giving in to the given we get by.

  9. Kathleen L Thompson

    News of what California is advocating next pretty much sickens me. They refuse to follow the law, they think we should still continue to give them federal money for their educational system which teaches kids to hate America. We should leave them high and dry and let them fund themselves. Let’s see how long they’d last then. I lived there for several years. It’s a disgusting place and not one I’ll ever go back to.

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