Samsung Satellite Crashes in Michigan Front Yard

Early Saturday morning, Nancy Welke of Merrill, Michigan heard a loud noise in her front yard.  When she investigated, she found a satellite, still whirring and buzzing, hanging from a tree.  She called 911, and they, too, were puzzled.

The device had Samsung plaques plastered on it, and inside was a Samsung cellphone and the words “SpaceSelfie.”

In a statement to ABC News, a Samsung representative said:

“Samsung’s SpaceSelfie balloon” was scheduled to come back down to Earth when “weather conditions resulted in an early soft landing in a selected rural area.”

“No injuries occurred and the balloon was subsequently retrieved.”

The thing is, no one told the people in the “selected rural area” that a space object was dropping in on them.  When representatives came to retrieve it, they wouldn’t tell Mrs. Welke anything about it.  The satellite was supposed to be in the upper atmosphere until the 31st, but dropped early.

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Comments (2)

  1. db

    Finders keepers! If they want it back they must pay the price.

  2. Anony Mous

    She should file a Trespass Complaint against Samsung people who came and invaded her property and took away something which was on HER property.
    Without permission, I would assume.
    And without recompense for their ‘trespass’, I would also assume.

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