Watch Out on Highways! Lots of Newbies Pulling RVs as Americans Avoid Hotels

Americans are not a population to be denied. When they want something, they do everything they can to get it. Right now, they want their vacations, and they aren’t taking “No” for an answer.

As people avoid planes, hotels, theme parks, and many other modes of travel and destinations, they’re quickly landing on one thing that seems to check all the boxes, RVing.

By hitching a new 30-foot trailer to your pickup or Suburban, you can take your housing with you, find a camping spot somewhere 1,000 miles away, and enjoy the great outdoors. The RV movement has driven RV shipments to their highest monthly total since October 2018, marking an incredible rebound.

To put it in perspective, April shipments were 82% lower than last year, and June shipments were 10% higher than last year.

Craig Kirby, President of the RV Industry Association, said:

“We didn’t anticipate this turn being as strong as it has been. People don’t want to fly, they don’t want to stay in a hotel. In an RV, you can cook your own meals and sleep in your own bed.”

RV makers are developing models with dedicated workspaces that can be stowed, which will cater to those who want to use RVs as mobile offices.

But if you see one on the road, be careful.

RV dealer surveys show that, depending on location, 50% to 80% of buyers are first-time purchasers, which is dramatically higher than the typical 25% to 35%. It’s likely that many of the first-time buyers aren’t that skilled at pulling their new toys.

The rebound has delighted dealers and investors alike.  Winnebago shares are up nearly 11% this year versus a 2.4% decline for the S&P 500. Shares of rival Thor Industries Inc. are doing even better, gaining 38% this year.

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