Rutgers University Declares Grammar Racist; Will ‘De-Emphasize’

It would seem like a bridge too far, but in the current climate, there doesn’t seem to be such a thing.

The English Department at Rutgers University has decided that proper grammar, which is used to clearly communicate ideas, is racist. To eradicate racism, the department will be “changing the standards of English instruction.” The new focus will be on social justice and “critical grammar,” whatever that is.

Rutgers English department chair, Rebecca Walkowitz, said:

“This approach challenges the familiar dogma that writing instruction should limit emphasis on grammar/sentence-level issues so as to not put students from multilingual, non-standard ‘academic’ English backgrounds at a disadvantage. Instead, it encourages students to develop a critical awareness of the variety of choices available to them [with] regard to micro-level issues in order to empower them and equip them to push against biases based on ‘written’ accents.'”

Let’s offer a translation of this academic jargon and subterfuge. What Walkowitz meant is that not only will the university not instruct students on using proper English in written documents, it also will encourage students to look for micro-aggressions in works written by others so that the students can see themselves as victims wherever they look.


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Comments (14)

  1. Michael

    Walkowitz is a libscum communist piece of garbage!!!

  2. submariner in Texas

    I submit that, since Rutgers is in New Jersey, proper English grammar has rarely been heard on the campus since Rutgers was founded as ‘Queen’s College’ in 1766.

  3. Glenn R Shannon

    So I wasted all my younger years learning proper English now I have to learn another language. Why is this country bending over to people that barely have the intelligence of a 4th grader?

  4. Sigmund Silber

    Clear communication is important not matter what the situation.

    Not sure why anyone would be taking English in college.

    This will hurt graduates.

    But there has been an overall attack on grammar going on for a long time.

    When Rutger’s Professors write for The Conversation I will be sure to edit their articles and comment on poor use of grammar. If they want to be embarrassed that is their choice. I suggest that others do the same thing.

    • Greg

      Now , doesn’t this give you confidence. Someone in charge of an operation doesn’t have the necessary skills to convey proper instructions. Maybe someone in construction demolition can’t communicate the procedure for detonations.

  5. jim vause

    Apparently Rutgers has ceased to be an institution of higher learning. Congratulations! Liberal politics has long been a thorn in the eye of real education anyway so why not just close the doors in New JERSEY ON THIS HIGHER EDUCATION PRETENDER1

  6. Stephen

    Correct grammar is not racist. Such a claim is liberal nonsense. It is racist to not expect everyone regardless of race to learn correct grammar. It is saying that some people because of their skin color are unable to do so. We are not to judge people on the basis of skin color.

    • mach37

      Exactly! The grammar of ebonics is about as racist as it gets. Language standards are just that – standards! Without standards civilization evaporates.

  7. Jon James

    This beggars belief and makes no sense. Try getting a decent job if you can’t read or write properly. How do these people come up with this nonsense.

  8. Donna Krause

    Dumb down the English language so you don’t have to really educate anyone very well. Keep ’em dumb and they are easier to control. Ahuh, we got it. Communists running America. I guess if I go to France and speak French, I’m a racist speaking their language. Such an elite white spoken language should be dumb downed, too. Next Italian, German, Japanese . . . Why speak at all. Why not just lock up, or rather “kidnap” everyone who speaks proper grammar? How dare us deplorables speaking perfect English grammar. Honestly, what’s next.

  9. mach37

    So Rutgers thinks bringing the grammar of ebonics into the fold of accepted language is NOT racist? The world has gone MAD today!

  10. Jj

    Yep—— Just keep wringing the life out of correct grammar and prose.

    • Dennis McClellan

      I thought the bar had been lowered as far as it might go, back in the ’70s — but I was wrong then and it appears that there is plenty of room left to keep lowering all semblance of cultural and self-respect. Perhaps we will establish the first real 4th-world nation. And the beat goes on!

  11. Big Mike

    Shouldn’t come as any big surprise! Don’t know about anyone else but I’m sure tired of being axed a question !!!!!!!!

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