Restaurant Names Food Items After Office Supplies So That Patrons Can Expense Meals

Yes, this is fraud, because the patrons who improperly expense meals through a ruse are robbing the national treasury of tax payments, which is tax fraud. But you have to admit, it is clever.

A local Toronto restaurant is making things easier for those looking to expense lunch by naming various menu items after office supplies.

Good Fortune Burger has begun offering #RECEATS, their renamed menu items disguised as a number of common office tools. Their Fortune Burger has become the Basic Steel Stapler and Parm Fries are also known as CPU Wireless Mouse.

Jon Purdy, Director of Operations at Good Fortune Burger, said:

“We just wanted an opportunity to put a smile on some people’s faces and have them have a little bit of a giggle. There’s no malice intended in it, it’s all just fun and games.”

There’s also no indication that people take it seriously and try to expense their food items as office supplies. Besides, who shops for office supplies at a burger joint, and who leaves a tip at an office supply store?

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