Red Light Cameras Don’t Stop Accidents, But They Sure Make A Lot of Money

The City of Baltimore has more than 100 red light cameras. Since 2017, the cameras have led to 480,000 citations and more than $36 million in revenue.  Unfortunately, the city doesn’t have fewer accidents.

Associate Professor Justin Gallagher at the University of Montana conducted a study of red light cameras that showed they reduced accidents caused by running red lights, but increase others. To avoid getting a ticket due to running a light with a camera present, people slam on their brakes, which increases the number of rear-end collisions.

Overall, the cameras don’t reduce accidents, injuries, or deaths at intersections.

Recognizing the complications with the cameras, 10 states have discontinued their use completely, but so far, Maryland isn’t one of them.

When traveling in Baltimore be sure to look both ways… up ahead for a camera, and behind you for someone that might not stop as quickly as you do.


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