Record Number of Americans Not Getting Medical Care Because of Cost

Sure, you have insurance, but with a $12,500 deductible plus co-pays, can you afford to get treatment?  According to the latest Gallup poll, a record number of Americans are saying, “No!”

The polling company found that 25%, or a one in four Americans delay getting medical attention for a major issue because of cost.  Another 8% put off getting attention for a less serious condition because of cost, bringing the total to a full third of the population that cites cost as the reason they didn’t seek medical help.

When Gallup first asked the question in 1991, 22% of Americans had delayed medical treatment because of cost. The medical conditions were split evenly between major and minor.  The company next asked the question 20 years later in 2001, and the numbers were the same.  The numbers drifted higher until 2010, and then remained steady until this year when they jumped to a record high.


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Comments (5)

  1. Dianna

    that’s so very true! my oldest son is like that! he puts off any medical treatment till he can’t wait any longer because of his deductible! my husband’s same way! we’ve been blessed because I have Medicare & a secondary insurance! I take 7 medications every day & there’s no way I could pay for them! what gets me upset is many AMERICANS can’t afford medical care BUT illegal immigrants can get medical care! really ticks me off!

  2. The Truth

    Yep. Screw the middle class tax payer. Thanks Obamacare.

  3. The Truth

    $12,500 deductable? I bet the union worker doesn’t have that. It’s a war on small business owners

  4. Diane

    I cannot afford to go to the doctors due to high deductibles and copays. I am 73 years old and need to see several doctors but can’t. It is a slap in the face of all people that cannot afford medical care when the illegal immigrants are offered FREE medical as well as everything else. I have to go to food pantries just to be able to eat, and every time I do there are twice as many Hispanics there and most do not speak English. We need to make sure ALL illegals are sent back where they came from unless they come here legally. This is a disgusting way to treat Americans who have worked all their lives only to retire in poverty. Another ticked off American!

  5. R Calkins

    What they offer is a waste of money unless you have a catastrophic health event. My husband ended up in the hospital for three days two years ago and it cost us almost 30K, because we had no insurance. So, we signed up the following year at a cost of 24K. I have had a bad back for the last 16 years and had been self-paying for pain management. I requested an MRI so I could set up with a provider within the insurance companies approved clinics, but they refused to authorize the MRI unless I enrolled in six weeks of physical therapy that would require me to travel 100 miles three times per week, and I would be required to pay out of pocket for the therapy. Needless to say, we just canceled the plan. The system that is in place is set up to take your money and hope you die before they have to pay any benefits. We took a trip to Mexico and both got complete physicals for a combined total of a bit under $300 and it included the MRI I needed.

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