Rand Paul Sucks the Life Out of Impeachment Move; Now It’s Just a Boring Show

Will they or won’t they, that was the question. But now it has an answer, and Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate hasn’t even started.

Since Pelosi demanded the House take up articles of impeachment against Trump, the nation has wondered if the necessary 17 Republican senators would join with the Democrats to convict him. We still can’t be certain because the Senate trial hasn’t even started, but we got a good look at how senators will vote when Senator Rand Paul forced a voted on the constitutionality of the proceedings.

Paul’s point of order forced a vote that showed just five Republicans think the impeachment is constitutional given that Trump is no longer in office. That’s a long way from the necessary 17 needed to convict him. While some of those who voted that the trial isn’t constitutional can still vote to convict, it seems highly unlikely that an additional 12 will join the Democrats.

That makes the lead up to the Senate trial, as well a the trial itself, something of a yawner.

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Comments (14)

  1. Manuel F Fernandez


  2. Patricia Hefferan RN MA FCN (Faith Community Nurse)

    I am exceedingly grateful for the orating skill that Rand Paul has demonstrated in response to this absurd impeachment process. We know that Joe Biden is mentally compromised but we have failed to look more closely at Nancy Pelosi. She is completely off the rails. Her screaming hatred and vitriol directed at President Trump is as pathological as I have ever seen clinically. She should be taken to the nearest mental health facility for diagnosis and treatment. She is presently 81 years of age and is clearly in need of intervention. There is a DSM diagnosis noted as Intermittent Explosive Disorder characterized by sudden episodes of unwarranted anger. The disorder is typified by hostility, impulsivity and recurrent aggressive outburst. Antidepressants such as Prozac, Celexa and Zoloft can often offer a calming effect. Psychotherapy is also indicated.

    • paul martel

      NAILED IT !

  3. Ralph LeBlanc

    I love Donald Trump and I feel scared with biden in office he should be in a nursing home not the oval office I also feel ashamed in front of the world with biden in charge (supposedly)?!

  4. Ronda

    The Democrats may as well move on with ruining the country instead of focusing on ruining one man.

  5. Billy Wilson

    They tried every way to try to screw Trump; have failed every time .Now it up to the Citizens to tell their represenatives to stop the BS. You cheated to get your Communist Pres. now back off or be replaced.

    • Patty

      The demonrats are fighting a loosing battle. Just another expensive crap show to distract from what they are really up to. First the initial sham impeachment, so they could get the “ plandemic” going, the rigging of the election, now another sham impeachment. What are they up to now? Only God knows, but whatever it is, it does NOT bode well for our country! Stay aware people!

  6. Marie

    Democrats has gone crazy in trying to impeach him again based on their hate and nothing else. Pres. trump should turn the table on them and sue them all for what they have done to him with no evidence of wrong doing, but only their barbaric, malicious intent to demonize him. discredit him and sabotage him in every step, to lose his credibility to the world leaders. Maybe a class action suit from Trump’s supporters should also sue the Democrats who plotted against him while in office. Their malicious intent to embarrass him to the world leaders cost us citizens some economic growth, because it hampered his dealings with foreign countries to grow our economy even more. He survived all their attacks but left some of our industries not to flourish, thereby affecting employment and income for most of us. Demoncrats are no longer servants of the people but servants fo their party only, which is treasonous to our country. Never again will I vote for any demoncrat.

  7. Hal Blevins

    Your first three words in the head line are correct: Rand Paul Sucks
    If Congress people feel it’s OK to allow anyone to break into our Nations Capitol under the direction of a President, who then to attempt to hang the V.P. and kill other congress personnel, then those congress people should also be replaced.

    I am sorry but wrong is just wrong. Yes President Trump LIED for months about the legal votes of the states. LIED, how can that be justified? Let me know what Judge, even appointed by that president judges, agreed with his LIES?

    That President must be barred from EVER running again. Unless you want to see a Socialist take over like Hitler.
    He started in 1923 went to jail and then came back to take over Germany in 1934. Really is that what you want?

    I want a leader who works for the public not himself. I want a leader who hasn’t groped women, who’s best friend wasn’t in prison for child rape, and then killed himself. Who doesn’t wish well to the so called woman who supplied the girls to his best friend and possibly Trump himself. I want a leader who doesn’t put his whole family in some roll of government. I want a President who doesn’t treat Russia and North Korea like his best palls. I want a President who doesn’t tell Russia to mess with his rivals election. I want a President who doesn’t attempt to bully and threaten state voting managers to cheat. I wonder how he won the first time??? Was he upset that his bullying and threats didn’t work the second time? I want a President who can pull up his own pants and say he is responsible for killing over 400,000 AMERICANS. I don’t believe Trump or his third wife ever had Covid. It was a ploy to get sympathy.

    Who is it that can not see beyond his fake tan, fake hair, fake income? He’s had a TV show well so has Bozo the Clown. In fact the first Televised Olympics was Germany 1936’s. Yes just like this sites propaganda it was put on by the head of the Nazi’s Propaganda leader. So I guess Trump has that, he was on TV and so was Hitler.

    You really need to put on your mask and go outside for a long walk and get some fresh air and look at what this country has. You have been given the best life in the world now use it for good not for putting people down, and feeling you are better than everyone else. You should watch out for those with semi automatic rifles and all the Carens out there. They are not nice.

    • Patty

      So—- Hal Blevins, do you think the type of president you want is in office now? His son, the crack head, sex offender is running loose. His brothers are grifters, he himself is a sexual predator, rapist, pedophile according to his own daughter. What a shining example he is for our young people! You better look again at this “ wonderful man” and see himfor whom and what he is! Not by any means is he fit to be president!

  8. Paul Youngman

    Senate Republicans won’t vote for impeachment because the majority of them have clearly traded the party’s long and admirable respect for the Constitution and established standards of democratic law for self-interest; retention of their jobs; and the vain hope their erstwhile narcissist would-be-Mussolini can lead them back to a future all-powerful fascist state. The present Republican Party bears more responsibility for America’s dire state than Trump who is in dire need of psychiatric help

  9. Ann Boekhout

    Yes gas prices at the pump have gone up 10 to 20 cents a gallon. Our heating bill will most likely go up on our next bill as well. Thanks to Biden’s rulings. We have the highest unemployment ever right now and we are letting 100,000’s across the border. At the same time our government is sending money to other countries . We are in real trouble and the Democrats are so rich they don’t even give a flip. So much for the working class and retired people.

  10. Barry Gregg

    The DEMS, better still small minded Dems, are moving quickly down the highway of failure exposing just how little education and intelligence on politics and team building a Nation. The big tech companies giving huge donations should have their tax base tripled to bring them into reality. Only Trump can turn the poorly educated into a working Nation by following the Republicans who are expert in political gains and securing the National pride. Biden What? Biden Who? Biden China? No one I know reads or listens to a Biden speech. We are all highly educated and working internationally. Thus we can drop the USA in a minute and continue a great life overseas. Goodbye American Pie!!!

  11. Vicky

    I thought he was talking about Biden until he mentioned Trump’s name. Trump only tried to “Make our Country Great Again”.

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